Cascade Blues Association
April 2018: "When you look for the definition of cool you’re likely going to find a reference to David Vest."

Holger Petersen
"A huge blues and boogie talent."

Bob Mersereau
Sept 2018: Vest is Canadian by choice, which kinda makes me like him even more. He was born in Alabama way back in the 40's, but he's no heritage act ... he really brings the blues up-to-date.

Peter Stone Brown
David Vest is one of the hidden gems of American music

John the Rock Doctor
April 2018: "The look of sheer joy on David Vest’s face on the album cover is surely no accident- he’s just put out one hell of a record."

Blues Underground Network
May 2014: “David Vest is one heck of a class act that has really made some huge inroads since moving to Canada a few ago. Vest is a very welcome and cherished addition to the Canadian blues landscape, as one of the very best piano players going.”


May 2014: “The sound of [Roadhouse Revelation] is just great…full of great boogie woogie, excursions to New Orleans and and as the title indicates barrelhouse piano, and Vest is one of the best piano players out there.”

Times Colonist
May 2014: “David Vest has seen it all, including knife fights and shootings”

Jimmy T99 Nelson, blues legend
Juneteenth 1999: “I could go all around the world and never find another piano player like David Vest.”

Katie Webster, blues legend (on meeting David)
“My name is Katie Webster, and I knows it when I hears it."


David Vest in profile