David Vest Live At Hermann's

Recorded at one of Canada’s most celebrated music venues, Hermann’s Jazz Club in Victoria, BC, with David’s regular working band: Tom Bowler (guitar), Ryan Tandy (bass), and Damian Graham (drums).

  1. Mystery Train
  2. My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It
  3. CC Rider
  4. Infirmaratin’
  5. Woo-ee
  6. Mr. Pinetop’s Boogie
  7. BC Rider
  8. Wade In The Water
  9. Since I Fell For You
  10. Cow Cow Boogie
  11. When The Saints Go Marching In
  12. By The Rivers Of Babylon

Cordova Bay Records

Live In Calgary

Recorded during David’s headliner set at the 2018 Calgary International Jazz Festival, with the regular working band joined by guitarist Peter Dammann.

  1. Spoken Intro
  2. Genevieve
  3. We’re All Sharecroppers Now
  4. Fourteen Dollars In The Bank
  5. Party In The Room Next Door
  6. Rockin’ With Red
  7. What’s That About
  8. Shake What You Got
  9. Black Dress
  10. Heart Full Of Rock And Roll
  11. Worried About The World

Cordova Bay Records

"David Vest" CD

Recorded on Vancouver Island. Featuring Ryan Tandy (bass), Peter Dammann and Tom Bowler (guitars), and Billy Hicks (drums).

  1. Some Old Lonesome Day
  2. Genevieve
  3. Party In The Room Next Door
  4. Crocodile
  5. Leak in This Old Building
  6. What’s The Matter Now
  7. Gotta Travel On
  8. Decolonize Yourself
  9. Renoviction Man
  10. Lomax

Cordova Bay Records

Devestatin' Rhythm CD

With its deliberately misspelled title, this was the third album in David’s “Toronto trilogy,” recorded at Canterbury Music. Featuring the Willing Victims: Gary Kendall (bass), Teddy Leonard (guitars), and Mike Fitzpatrick (drums). Plus the Special Victims Unit: Pat Carey (sax) and Howard Moore (trumpet).

  1. West Coast Saturday Night
  2. Stop This Madness
  3. Staring Down The Barrel Of The Blues
  4. Kingsnake
  5. We’re All Sharecroppers Now
  6. The Blues Live On
  7. Biscuit Rolling Baby
  8. Lost Highway
  9. Come Back To Bed
  10. Red Dirt Remedy

Ark-O-Matic Records

Roadhouse Revelation

The second album of the “Toronto trilogy” and probably David’s most popular recording, featuring ten songs written by the artist and one Hank Williams classic. With the Willing Victims.

  1. Freight Train Rolling
  2. Stand Your Ground
  3. Ramblin’ Man
  4. You Came Through
  5. Street Car
  6. Gone Too Far
  7. Crooked Politician
  8. Santa Fe Steamer
  9. That Happened to Me
  10. Heart Full Of Rock And Roll
  11. Pretty Things For Anne

Cordova Bay Records

East Meets Vest

The first album in the “Toronto trilogy” and David’s Canadian debut release. It’s DV’s “classic blues” album, although it does include three originals. With the Willing Victims and special guest Paul James on one track.

  1. Low Down Dog
  2. Cry Hard Luck
  3. Come Clean With Me
  4. Shake What You Got
  5. Black Dress
  6. Piney Brown Blues
  7. The Whole St. Louis Blues
  8. Mighty Handy
  9. Wish Me Well
  10. Memphis Blues
  11. Boogie Woogie Baby (feat. Paul James)
  12. After Hours

Ark-O-Matic Records

Rock A While

David’s last U.S. studio recordings before his move to Canada, plus four live tracks.

  1. Rock a While
  2. Blind Mule
  3. Monklite in Vermouth
  4. Magic City Shuffle
  5. What’s On Your Mind
  6. Running Partner (studio version)
  7. Let’s Go Too Far
  8. Bad Little Boogie
  9. Little Big-Eyes
  10. Whiskey and Women
  11. Natural Born Lover
  12. I Got A Baby
  13. It Don’t Make Sense (You Can’t Make Peace)
  14. Both Hands Blue

Ark-O-Matic Records

Serve Me Right To Shuffle

Twelve Vest originals, with grooves ranging from dead-on funk to folk rock and rolling boogie-woogie. Peter Dammann (guitar), Jeff Minnick (drums), Albert Reda (bass), Alan Hager (guitar), Dave Kahl (bass), and Paul deLay (harmonica on Track 13).

  1. Not This Fool
  2. Shake Tonight
  3. All I Need Is You
  4. Down That Highway
  5. 1948 (Vanport Flood)
  6. This Place Has Changed (J. Minnick)
  7. Turn The Road Around
  8. Come Down
  9. Vestitution
  10. Try Not To Kill Me
  11. Take Me Back
  12. Rebel River
  13. Runnin’ Partner (Live, feat. Paul deLay)

Ark-O-Matic Records

All original, live and defiantly lo-fi, bristling with roadhouse energy, or as CounterPunch put it, “Dangerous, fast, addictive.”

  1. Get On Down With Me (feat. Paul deLay)
  2. Meet Me With Your Black Dress On
  3. Too Old And Crazy (feat. Paul deLay)
  4. What’s That About?
  5. Way Down Here (feat. Paul deLay)
  6. Heavy Weather
  7. Kaliyuga Highway
  8. Little Effie
  9. Devil Got A Hold (feat. Paul deLay)
  10. You Got Me So Bad, Baby
  11. Watching You The Whole Time
  12. Worried About The World (feat. Paul deLay)

Ark-O-Matic Records